Botox Cosmetics in San Francisco

Premier treatment for facial rejuvenation
Dr Narurkar is an Allergan Diamond level injector of Botox cosmetic, awarded to the top 1% of injectors worldwide. He personally administers Botox himself and has been honored to train physicians worldwide in his technique. The history of Botox cosmetic is very special to San Francisco and at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, as this is where Botox was discovered for the treatment of strabismus by Dr Alan Scott. In 2002, Botox cosmetic was FDA cleared for aesthetic indications for the glabellar lines and it is now the top aesthetic procedure performed worldwide with over 11 million procedures performed in the United States alone.

However, Dr Narurkar stresses the importance of having these injections performed by an experienced physician who is board certified in a specialty such as dermatology. Patients seek Dr Narurkar's expertise in Botox cosmetic because he is known for the "natural look" and receives accolades for his masterful technique. Even when many of his patients move away from San Francisco, they will return for Botox and fillers because of his expertise.

Dr Narurkar has evaluated a variety of neuromodulators and feels Botox cosmetic remains the gold standard for precision and predictability. A typical treatment takes about ten minutes. Visible results can last about four months. Filler injections and laser procedures complement Botox cosmetic in Dr Narurkar’s combination therapy approach for total nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.

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