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Wow! I have been going to Dr. Narurkar for 10 years and didn't imagine he could work even more miracles. I went hoping that he could restore my face, returning it to a very youthful look. He did!!! He is a kind, brilliant doctor with a fabulous staff. He know just what to do and what not to do. I recommend him to anyone who wants the best dermatologist in California.
Every day we talk, smile, laugh, and cry and so on - the results may be creases and lines that develop in between the brows or across the forehead. We cannot be expected to be void of facial expressions, but we can now eliminate the lines and creases that form from such activities with Botox treatments. Doing so can take years off of the face and restore confidence in one's appearance. While the US now has several other neuromodulators, Botox cosmetic remains the gold standard with now over 10 years of FDA approval.
Botox is derived from botulinum toxin A, which relaxes muscles by blocking the triggers to contract. After precise injections given directly by Dr. Narurkar, patients will see a more relaxed frown and forehead, lifting of the brow and reduction of crow’s feet. Dr. Narurkar is known worldwide for his natural look with Botox cosmetic and patients often seek him to correct the frozen look.
Most commonly, we see Botox used to ease the appearance of the horizontal lines across the forehead. The injectable is also used to successfully eliminate frown lines between the brows, and to diminish tiny lines around the lips and eyes, known as crow's feet. Botox can be used to minimize platysmal bands around the neck and also to treat hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating.

Receiving a Botox treatment is very simple and convenient; but it is important that injections be administered by a board certified dermatologist, which is why Dr. Narurkar performs such treatments himself. Extensively trained in multiple cosmetic treatments, Dr. Narurkar sits with each patient before treatment to discuss the desired outcome as well as pertinent medical history. After a comprehensive consultation, Botox is administered using a very small needle. The exact number of injections administered depends upon the size of the treatment area. After treatment, the patient is typically able to immediately resume normal activities.

Initially, Botox does not seem like a permanent treatment, as it is necessary to return for further injections approximately every six months. However, it has been noted that, after a number of treatment sessions, patients find they return less often as muscles reach a state of natural relaxation over time.

Botox is often done by non physicians and in unsupervised settings. However, it is important to receive treatment from an experienced core specialty physician such as a board certified dermatologist as optimal results come from injections given at precise depth and location. To turn back the hands of time, contact us for your Botox cosmetic treatment!
Juvederm Voluma- Dr Narurkar is a principal investigator for Juvederm Voluma, the first FDA approved filler for mid face volume correction and also the only filler approved for duration up to 2 years after a single injection.
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