Fraxel Family of Lasers and Laser Skin Resurfacing

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Best in town for lasers. Don't mess around with medi-spas for this stuff - the technology is constantly changing and you need to go with an expert. Dr. Narurkar literally wrote the book on this stuff. Highly recommend for Fraxel. Office staff is the best around. Dr. N is a real professional and it's reflected in every aspect of his practice. Highly recommend.
Laser Skin Resurfacing San Francisco, Fraxel San Francisco, Laser Treatments San Francisco, Laser Hair Removal San Francisco CA, San Francisco Fraxela Dr. Narurkar has performed over 4000 Fraxel family of laser procedures since 2006. He emphasizes that the patient carefully do their homework when seeking fractional laser resurfacing, as the Fraxel remains the gold standard of laser resurfacing. There are also several types of Fraxel laser and it is important to customize the Fraxel with the patient. Dr. Narurkar was instrumental in developing safe and effective settings for the Fraxel Restore, The Fraxel re:store Dual, the Fraxel re:pair and The Clear and Brilliant Laser. He does not delegate any Fraxel treatments to a nurse or physician assistant, allowing for the best outcomes.

Laser resurfacing is a very effective way to eliminate specific skin concerns and uncover healthy, more vibrant skin. Traditional treatments of skin resurfacing were quite intense, requiring IV sedation and sometimes a hospital stay. With advances in laser technology, patients today receive treatment with fractionated light, as opposed to a steady beam of light. Fractionated light is the key to more rapid recovery, as there are small areas of skin left untouched. These untouched areas promote healing immediately following treatment and lead to a short recovery period. Dr. Narurkar emphasized that patients be assured they are receiving the Fraxel brand of lasers, as it is the gold standard in laser skin resurfacing. Many patients seek his expertise after being unhappy with being treated with other fractionated laser devices. Our practice is one of a handful of practices worldwide and the only one in the Bay Area which offers the entire spectrum of Fraxel Lasers (Fraxel re:store Dual, Fraxel re:pair and the Clear and Brilliant Laser). This allows Dr. Narurkar to customize the laser resurfacing plan based on the patient's condition, ethnicity and skin color, and lifestyle.

Laser skin resurfacing can correct skin problems including:
  • Skin discoloration
  • Uneven skin tone and blotchiness
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Loose skin

Today, our appearance is very important as we seek to stay competitive in our personal and professional lives. By treating sun spots, wrinkles and scars through laser procedures, it is possible to feel better about the way you present yourself. Loving the skin you're in has never been easier than it is today thanks to laser technology. Dr. Narurkar will often combine Fraxel and Thermage for addressing skin resurfacing and skin laxity respectively. Contact us to discuss laser treatment with Dr. Narurkar.